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Bluesmart was founded to improve travel for everyone.
This mission lies at the heart of how we design our products and build our team.

The journey forward

Suitcases have seen little innovation since wheels were introduced in the 1970s. The Bluesmart carry-on was created to be the next evolution of the travel experience, introducing smart luggage to thousands of travelers around the world.

Made for travelers by travelers

We've all missed flights & had luggage lost, and decided to create a solution to fix this. By combining modern technology with novel design, we've developed a suitcase that can never get lost, charges all your devices and weighs itself. Your journey should be enjoyed, not struggled through.

Designed for every road

We spent over a year researching the needs of travelers, and another meticulously building our first suitcase and outfitting it with revolutionary features. Every seam, wire, and surface of our carry-ons is there for a purpose, and has undergone rigorous testing for function & durability. The result: the best piece of luggage for the modern traveler.

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Meet the Founders

For all our differences and eccentricities, we share a passion for travel and the belief that, starting with a suitcase, we can improve the journeys and adventures of travelers all around the world. We keep a routine of constant travel that accelerates and informs the development of our products and team.

A global team

Our team sits between New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Buenos Aires. We have a uniquely international culture that encourages talent across all our areas of expertise and a commitment to constant innovation.

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We continue to bring on talented individuals to join our mission.
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